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For Special Wine, You Need Special Grapes...

I originally ran a group through the three introductory adventures. However, somewhere between that and starting this game, the name of the clan they were joing changed, and they ended up in a medium level clan.

It's been a while since this adventure was run, so some parts of this adventure may have been missed out...

The original concept was that the clan (the Clan of the Broken Reed) grew special grapes and were able to make some excellent quality wine. However, a recent delivery had not arrived from the enclave providing the grapes, and thus the characters were tasked with sorting the situation.

The enclave is close to Jakalla. [Yes, I've used the term grapes, but that isn't the right term.]

The characters put together wagons and clan guardsmen and headed off out of the city. There was a minor encounter on the Sabke road and after a days travel they rested up overnight, and headed off the Sabke road to the enclave. One of the characters (Mottan) was given a family heirloom to take with him.

[My memory gets a bit vague at this point... ]

When the characters reached the enclave, they found that it's been attacked. Building are ruined, and there is no sign of life. They spend a bit of time looking around and three guards are sent back to Jakalla for reinforcements.

Meanwhile the characters carry on excavating and find a tunnel that heads off to the sea. From that tunnel, a small number of Hluss emerge and attack the characters. The brave Pe Choi Hetkw te Kteng holds them off whilst the characters make off. Hetkw dies during the confrontation, and the Hluss are driven off.

Looking around the enclave again, the remaining characters come across an old man, buried in the rubble. He's barely alive, and after a short time he is able to give a brief rundown of what happened. He mentions that bandits came from the South - he did not know anything about the Hluss.

Taking the old man, the characters headed South, and found an entranceway, hidden behind lots of vegetation. Entering the entrance way, they descend into a small underground cavern with a number of other caverns running off the main one. They find the bandits and get engaged in a fight. They eventually find, in the caverns a large set of douuble doors inlaid, and made of some strange material. After a short while, they realise that the doors are made from metal!! At this point, they leave the area and head back to Jakalla and the clan house. One of the characters is left behind, with a small number of the clan guards to preserve the area.

This continues in adventure 2, Beyond the Metal Doors...

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