Adv 4

What Lies Beneath...

[This adventure follows on from the third one We're off to find the Sword....]

After the "success" of the third adventure, the characters headed off West to Butrus. [Different players were involved, so a slightly different set of characters were used.]

Before leaving Jakalla, they visited some of their ex-colleagues (one who was demanding to be saved by Nev, the other who was waving her hands and stating she was doing wibbly-wobbly).

They sailed down the river, until they reached a small village. At the village, they encountered some dead Red Hats as well as patrols from the 25th Heavy Infantry. At the village, they learnt that a village member had been lost in the nearby forest.

The characters headed off to the forest. In the forest, they felt as if they were being watched, but nothing could be seen. Eventually they found a small path and headed down it. This lead to a very old overgrown entranceway, hidden in the forest.

The characters (and their clan guards) headed down the entrance way. In side, they found small underground complex. They opened a door in a corridor, but they couldn't identify what the room may have been used, but it was very old and musty. Explroing the area futher, they noticed their guards were slowly missing.

When the guards were all taken (nobody knows what happened to them), they were able to confront the creature that was taking them. It revealed that it was a spirit guarding the tomb of the Emperor Durumu. Further, Sarku worshippers were entering the tomb to perform a yearly ceremony.

Caught between these two, the characters hid and waited. Then there were signs of battle. Apparently, Pe-Choi had followed the characters down, and were taking revenge upon any and all Sarku worshippers. Eventually the characters left hiding, but were taken captive by the Pe-Choi. It took a measure of conversation to persuade the Pe-Choi that they were not Sarku worshippers, and they were finally free to leave (provided they left the Chakan forests).

The characters left, and carried on to Butrus. From there, they have yet to decide where to go next.

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