Adv 3

We're off to find the Sword...

[This adventure follows on from the second one Beyond the Metal Doors....]

After the "success" of the second adventure, the characters had some explaining to do. The clan elders dicussed everything at a private meeting. [Again different players were involved, so a slightly different set of characters were used.]

The clan, as wine producers, also had invitations to a formal party. As a medium clan, they were at the lower end of the invitees and so ended up arriving by the side gates. Inside they were free to mingle, but all the characeters were very sure to avoid offending the wrong people. One stayed at the gambling tables, whilst the others attended a ceremony to Lady Dlamelish. [Details of what actually happened are restricted, by order of the OAL.] Eventually, the characters left the ritual and returned to the main party, only to find that their gambling friend had vanished, with all his winnings, leaving behind just an apple core.

[Again, my memory is a bit hazy here...]
The characters left and headed back to the clan house. However, on route they found themselves back at the strange room with the columns and the darkness, as previously mentioned in the second adventure. Apparently the chamberlain had called them back to perform a service for his mistress.

The characters were deposited on a Sabke road, just outside of Tsa'avtulgu in Salarvya. The city guards arrested them and held them in a town gaol. A Tsolyanu representative spoke with them, but without a reasonable explanation of why they were there, and with no one to vouch for them, it was assumed that they were persona non-gratia. They were then escorted from the gaol to the temple of Black Qarqa, to serve as foreign scum sacrifices. However, they were able to escape from the sacrifical cells, had a brief conversation with someone hidden behind a screen (though to be the disposed Prince Dhich'une), interrupted a cermony to steal the sword that was being used and calling out to the Mistress's chamberlain (who's name was determined as Neville) to be rescued.

Neville did indeed rescue the characters, relieved them of the sword (and determined there were still yet more to find), confirmed that the deal was done, and deposited them on a Sabke road close to Jakalla.

Finally arriving back at the clan house revealed a slight change of fortunes. Losing a valued member of their clan (and the fortune he was acquiring from gambling) persuaded the clan to appeal for shamatla. The clan gained some, and some reputation, whilst lowering the reputation and honour of the clan holding the party.

Given that the characters claim to have seen the disposed Prince Dhich'une, they were questioned by the OAL, who are anxious to find the Usurper. The characters were advised to leave the area, and they were instructed to head west to the clan house at Butrus. [At the time of the adventure, the red-hats were invading the Chakas, and the Pe-Choi in the forest were resisting all.]

This continues in adventure 4, What Lies Beneath...

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