Adv 2

Beyond the Metal Doors...

[This adventure follows on from the first one For Special Wine, You Need Special Grapes....]

After the "success" of the first adventure, the characters had some explaining to do. The clan elders dicussed everything at a private meeting, and decided to send the characters back to investigate further. [Different players were involved, so a slightly different set of characters were used.]

The journey back to the enclave was uneventful. However, at the enclave, things had changed slightly. Mottan, who was left behind and in charge of the others was now on guard duty. apparently, one of the three guards who had to run back to the clan house complained. Mottan was however able to pass the family heirloom on to the characters.

Leaving Mottan on guard duty, the others went and investigated the metal doors. [Here, my memory gets really hazy...]

Once past the doors (which closed behind them), there followed a series of puzzles. And a maze. During the course of the maze, they encountered a Priest within a maze. The priest explained that he had been weandering around the maze for some time. The maze priest continued with the characters (and the clan guards) until they finally arrived at some bizarre chamber. At one end was a large stone block. At each edge of the room were a number of pillars. Between each pillar was blackness.

A figure appeared. They announced themnselves as the Lady's Chamberlain. And they demanded the sword. After pushing any remaining guards into the space between the pillars (and as a result there was a certain amount of screaming from the guards), the characters finally relented and gave the sword over. The Chamberlain went over to the back of the stone block and did something. And then said "Oh, there's still more to collect.". The characters were then asked to enter into the blackness as well. The characters did not want to, and after some discussion, a deal was made. And one of the characters left an apple on the stone block.

As part of the deal, the characters were released from where they were. The priest led them from the Jakallan underword, and they ended up near his temple (of Lord Wu'ru). Before leaving the group, he cast some form of spell on them, in order to hide their memories of what had happened. He also offered some one use only scrolls. The characters were then free to leave the area and head to their clan house.

This continues in adventure 3, We're off to find the Sword...

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