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Tekumel Game Notes

Welcome to my Tekumel Game notes. Here, I'll try to document the game thus far.

Whilst putting these notes together, I realise that in places it ended up like a standard fantast style adventure, rather than the expected political adventure, although there are some political plot lines on-going. I'm hoping to improve this situation in later adventures.

1For Special Wine, You Need Special Grapes...
2Beyond the Metal Doors...
3We're off to find the Sword...
4What Lies Beneath...

Cast of Characters

CharacterPlayerWhich Games?
Harisu, priest of Lord Thumis Hugh 1 2 3 4
Hetkw te Kteng (Pe Choi) Dan 1      
Firu hiJi'assa, priest of Lord Thumis Dan 1 2 3 4
Mottan Marc 1      
Chk Ptk Kk, Pe Choi Hugh 1 2 3 4
Migor hiLau'uvar, temple guard of Lord Karakan Rachael   2 3  
Visan hiJarash, clan guard Phil   2      
  John       4
Charisau hiLau'uvar, clan layabout Jarrod   2    
Gayan hiZhnayu, priest of Lord Ketengku Mike   2    
Shemek hiIssorun, Tlaneno the Steersman Paul     3 4
Ngaya hiVorussa, Sapphire Kirtle Lesley     3 4
Mridok hiMaroda, temple guard of Lord Qon Mel     3 4
Mikusa hiJarash, priestess of Lord Qon Linnea     3  

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